“Number is an extension and separation of our most intimate and interrelating activity, our sense of touch” (McLuhan)

Foresight is the disciplin of working out what to expect in the future. The most important and economically most precious foresight is: “What will people do next?”. If we know, what our customers will need, want, be willing to pay for, we can prepare our business to meet the demand.


More often than ever, a new product, service, or technology enters the market and breaks it up before any of the esteblished companies are able to adopt. In these times of Darwinian competition, when small startups or even unbound individuals can bring up something new that totally disrupts your business, it should be mandatory, to have a view into the future as clear as possible.

Big Data

With the Big Data revolution, everything gets quantified. Our whole reality is datarized and put into databases, waiting for our querries. Data Science provides the tools at hand to mine and combine the available information – numbers, texts, images, video, geolocation, sensor data etc. – into comprehensive models for mapping our social, political, cultural and in particular our technological environment.

Open Foresight

The most interesting part of Big Data is Open Data: Information that is publically available in digital form. Social media, Google Trends, and all kind of governmental, administrative or academic databases can be analysed with open tools and on standard systems.

Cultural Forsight

It is no longer sufficient to look into your regional market to get visibility. In countries like Turkey or Brazil, many aspects of future life that we will see all over the globe have already been evolving. While the mature markets like the US or Germany struggle with the digital divide between the so called digital natives and those who had to “immigrate” into the digital realm, societies like Ghana or Nigeria just skiped the “land line age” and become the mobile natives now. It is thus necessary to broaden the perspective.

Comprehensive View

Input from our global expert panel that we survey via our smartphone-based technology at Datarella and the models built on the corpus of the data collected allows us to make a good guess, what’ll be next.


Our experts at provide researchers and our customers in the healthcare, media, tourism, finance and other industries with analysis based on data science models and help them to comprehend the human behavior better.

Analyze what’s there; collect data to fill the gaps.
Interpret the results; get the meaning out of the analyses.
Decide based on the insights.
Implement your decision.
Control and feedback KPIs from the day-to-day operations.

We have prooven to successfully restructure media businesses, support product lauches and help building brands.