Keynote Speeches


Many industries are in dramatic change. It is no longer what we used to experience as progress, however. We feel more like driving a boat from the narrow of a river out into the wide of the oceans, leaving us without the easy orientation of the passing banks.

Our expertise lies in the culture of communication, the mechanics of media, and Social Media’s influence on society, economy and politics.

The talks give guidance, show how find fixed points to navigate through the changes: make better decisions by seeing the full picture.

Examples for topics:
Future of Media
Future of Democracy

Big Data

The world gets datarized. Everything can be tracked, measured, and stored in a database. Big Data marks a huge paradigm shift of how to deal with data – not only on the technical side. Big Data is not just about “Volume, velocity, and variety” of data. It is about using any kind of information to learn about the world.

As founder and CEO of genuine Big Data businesses, Joerg Blumtritt offers to share his expertise.

Example for topics:
– Introduction to Big Data
– Quantified Life
– Streetfighting Data Science